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Essential Shirts

New shirt every 3 months

All shirts 100% Cotton

Every shirt made individually to your measurements

No contract, cancel anytime

Per month

Non-Stop Shirts

New shirt every 2nd Month

All shirts 100% Cotton

Every shirt made individually to your measurements

No contract, cancel anytime
Per month
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Still Tentative, here’s a few things to ease your mind.

Subscriptions can be cancelled anytime.
All our subscriptions can be cancelled at any time, and by you or us if you need help. Thats right when you sign up you will create an online account where you can change payment details, update your delivery address details and of coarse cancel your subscription.
Our shirt guarantee is simple – Replacement no questions asked!
What about if there is something  wrong with your shirt. Don’t panic we have you covered there, simply we will remake it. Even if its as simple as the fabric isn’t what you were expecting we will simply remake the shirt.
We try and make getting a great fitting shirt as easy as one, two, three.
Worried about your measurements, Don’t we have three options including an option where we do them for you. Pretty much as soon as you sign up you’ll get an email explaining how we do it. The great news is we do it once and from there you receive perfectly fitting shirts every month.
When there’s no risk, why wouldn’t you.
Whats the risk if your unhappy after getting your fitting shirt we will simply refund your first payment and you can still keep the shirt.
Still got some quesitions.
Check out our F.A.Q’s or get in contact with us at [email protected]


Really good quality shirts that fit perfectly. Also great service from the stylist.
Martin Self Employed


I just got my latest shirt from johnjohny and really its just like getting a gift in the post. I didn’t even chose the fabric for this one so it was a real surprise and a great one at that. I’ve had a few now so I no longer worry about fit or the quality. All my johnjohny shirts are perfect.
Mark CEO


johnjohny is great. The time it takes to measure you up ensures the shirt you receive is a perfect fit for your body shape. Being able to select materials, colours and types and then have the shirts delivered over whatever period of time you pick is great too. Takes the hassle out of browsing in shops only to find nothing of interest or they don’t fit right.
Tony Assessor

“Best shirts I ever had”

Perfect fit, great fabrics, and they just arrive every few month, its the perfect solution for me.
Rob Business Owner

“I started out choosing my own fabrics now I just let johnjohny do it, actually I think there choices are better than mine”

When I started a couple of years ago I chose my first few fabrics, now I just let johnjohny do it. I like the ones I chose but to be honest the ones they choose are probably better and it mean I literally don’t have to do anything and I have the best shirt wardrobe.
Richard Lawyer

“I need to look good and thanks to johnjohny I do!”

In my work I need to look good, people respond to that. My customers are professional and they need to see me as professional. I just love it when a new shirt just arrives I get to feel great in a new shirt with out all the pain of having to spend hours trying on of the rack shirts which just never seem to fit quite right.
Micheal I.T. Manager